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Visitor Rates

All parking on the IUPUI campus is paid. As a visitor to the campus, please remember you must park in designated visitor parking. If you don’t, chances are you may receive a citation. Visitor parking is indicated in yellow on the following campus map:
Visitor Parking at IUPUI.

Below are the rates for our visitor garages and pay lots. Our garages are fully automated so make sure to take your ticket with you and visit an Automated Pay Station (APS) in a visitor garage to pay before exiting. All APS machines accept credit cards but only a few accept cash. You can also pay with a credit card at the exit lanes as well 24 hours a day.

Hours Visitor Rates Effective 7-1-2015
Up to 1 Hour $5.00
1-2 Hours $5.50
2-3 Hours $6.00
3-4 Hours $7.00
4-5 Hours $8.00
5-6 Hours $9.00
6-7 Hours $10.00
7-8 Hours $11.00
8-9 Hours $12.00
9-10 Hours $13.00
10-11 Hours $14.00
11-12 Hours $15.00
12 to 24 Hours $17.00
Lost Garage Ticket $17.00
Hamilton Machine (Law School) $6.00
One Day Guest Permits $17.00
Meters $0.75/Hour

If you receive a validation ticket from the office you were visiting, please click here for further instructions.