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Construction Updates

New York Street Construction

New York Street is being converted to a two-way street and the construction project is expected to cause traffic delays. The traffic pattern is expected to remain east bound until the completion of the project, which is scheduled for May of 2016.


Please avoid this area if at all possible and seek an alternate route when entering or exiting campus. Please keep in mind that going in the opposite direction of where you ultimately need to go may be a better solution. For exapmple: Consider exiting the campus via W. Michigan Street. Once you are away from the campus, you can begin to make your way back east using neighboring streets. Or perhaps heading north on University Blvd to Indiana Avenue or 10th Street. If you travel alternate routes, don’t forget to use your GPS as a guide if you are unfamiliar with these areas.

Construction in Lot 58


Beginning September 21st, the northwest corner of Lot 58 will be closed as construction crews begin the process of adding an entrance to the lot off of Vermont Street. The project is expected to take approximately 30 days. This will result in the loss of approximately 15 EM spaces. Please check back for further updates.