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Have you ever received an anti-passback error when you swiped your garage or evening permit? Our system requires that for every swipe in there must also be a swipe out. This system helps protect your space in the garages.

We often see good Samaritans help swipe someone else into the garage. While you get high marks for kindness, it actually causes problems for both you and the person you helped. Not only will you not be able to get in, they also will not be able to get out. If you receive an anti-passback error when swiping your permit, please call us at 274-4232 so we can reset your permit.

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Ever had to swipe your permit multiple times in order to enter or exit the garage? That can be a frustrating experience! You may have noticed some new equipment in parking garages around campus. We’re excited to announce that this new equipment has a feature that provides a second option for entering or exiting a garage.

While you can still swipe your permit, you now have the option to scan the barcode on your permit as well. Simply hold your permit’s barcode under the reader as shown to activate the gates. It’s that easy!

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