Riding a bicycle is one of the best ways to get around campus. If you choose to bike, and we hope you do, please remember that your bicycle is a vehicle. Just like a motorist, it is your responsibility to learn and obey the rules that apply to you as a cyclist.

Registering Your Bike

A bicycle can be a major investment and you can help protect it by registering it with IUPUI Parking and Transportation Services.

Registering your bicycle is easy and free. You will receive a free IUPUI Bike Permit and the option to park in the indoor Hine Hall Bike Storage facility at no additional cost. Take a few moments to complete this online form.

Register Here



  • You receive a lifetime IUPUI bike permit

  • Your free permit serves as a visible deterrent to possible theft

  • Registration may prevent ticketing and impoundment

  • You can be notified directly if needed

  • Proof of registration may also be helpful for filing an insurance claim if your bike is stolen

Parking Your Bike

Be sure to check out the Bike Racks Map for a comprehensive view of all bicycle parking locations on campus.

After registering your bicycle, please affix your permit to the frame or front fender. Remember to only park your bike at designated bike racks. If you would like to recommend a new bike rack location,

For more information on bicycle storage on campus, please visit the Office of Sustainability's website.

Bike Regulations and Impoundment

When parking your bicycle on the IUPUI campus, you agree to abide by IUPUI campus policy rules and regulations. Please refer to policy# IN-FIAD. CFS.02 “Policy for Bicycle Parking on the IUPUI Campus” for a detailed description.

A bicycle is considered a motor vehicle and therefore requires that bicyclists follow the Rules and Regulations the same as other individuals operating vehicles on campus. Bicycles found to be illegally parked are subject to impoundment and a parking fine.

Remember, to always park your bicycle in a fixed bike rack or other parking facilities designated for bicycles to avoid ticketing and impoundment. Bike IUPUI is administered by Parking & Transportation Services and exists to ensure you have all of the information you need to register your bicycle, and to ride and park it safely.

Registered and Non-Registered Bicycles:

If your bicycle is parked illegally but does not impede safety, then:

If your bicycle appears to be abandoned, but does not impede safety, then:

If at any time your bicycle impedes safety, then:

Mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles (both electric and combustion powered) are NOT permitted to park at bicycle racks and will require the purchase of a parking permit for parking in regular parking spaces. Motor Driven Cycles may receive a regular parking citation for ‘no valid parking permit’ for parking at bicycle racks. Please contact Parking & Transportation Services for additional information on parking your motorized vehicle legally at IUPUI.

Reclaiming your Impounded Bicycle

How to reclaim your impounded bicycle:

1. Call IUPUI Parking & Transportation Services:

Bicycling Safety Tips

While riding your bicycle, obey all traffic laws and buy and wear a bicycle helmet! Helmets can greatly reduce the risk of head injuries and death. Don't "hit the road" without one! Some other tips to keep in mind when biking IUPUI:

DISCLAIMER: The bicycling pre-ride and safety tips are merely examples of things to consider before biking that may help prevent accidents and bicycle malfunction and are in no way a guarantee of your safety. They are intended for your consideration only. Be a wise bicyclist and conduct your own research on how to bike safely.

Bicycle Theft Prevention Tips

Reporting your Bicycle Lost or Stolen

In the event that your bicycle is stolen, or parts or accessories have been removed, please contact the IUPD at 317-274-7911 to file a police report. We also recommend you file a listing with

Bicycle Auction

Looking for a great deal on a new ride? IUPUI Surplus holds several auctions during the year where hundreds of abandoned and unclaimed bikes are sold. To view all auction dates, please visit the IUPUI Surplus website at

Indiana Pacers BikeShare

Want to take a bicycles ride but don’t have a bicycle of your own? No problem, check out the Indiana Pacers BikeShare Program. All stations are located on or near the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, including one right here on campus! Check out for additional information.

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