New Employee Permit Option

IUPUI Parking & Transportation Services is now offering an additional permit option which allows flexibility and savings to employees.

The Occasional Permit is a perfect option for employees who come to campus infrequently or have other means of transportation such as walking, cycling or public transportation

Occasional Permit holders may access the North Street Garage for just $5 per day. This access includes unlimited entries/exits during the day, meaning you may leave the garage for lunch or a meeting and return the same day.

How it Works

  • Login to your Parking Account and select Occasional Permit. Will only be available to purchase if you do not have a current permit.
  • Select the number of days you would like to pre-pay for and connect your credit card.
  • Occasional Permit purchases are non-refundable, so plan your purchases accordingly.
  • Use your Crimson Card to access the North Street Garage. 




You must scan your Crimson Card barcode as shown. Swiping the barcode will not grant access.


We have developed the following FAQs in anticipation of some common questions related to this new permit option. 

Not everyone needs to come to campus every day and IUPUI wanted to offer a permit option that would allow employees in certain situations the benefits of a parking option at a reduced rate.

No these purchases are not refundable so plan your purchases accordingly.

Yes, all purchases are valid thru June 30 of that fiscal year. 

Unfortunately no.  The system is currently limited to only 10 days available for purchase in one transaction.  

Unfortunately, no. Since we don’t know when you would like to reorder, or how many days you would like to order the occasional permit must be purchased online with a credit card.

You need to turn in your regular permit before purchasing an Occasional Permit. Please refer to our refund policy for more details.

Due to limited available space in certain garages, if you surrender your garage permit, you will go to the end of a waitlist for any garage permit you relinquish.

Based on capacity prior to the pandemic, the North Street Garage has enough capacity to allow use of this permit type and gauge interest without displacing other parkers (permit holders, visitors, hospital patients, etc).

The Occasional Permit is only available to IUPUI employees at this time. 

Your CrimsonCard will be activated with your Occasional Permit access within 1 hour.

At this time, our software recognizes a day based on a normal day.  In this example, the software would deduct 2 days from the Occational Permit because you arrived before midnight and left after.  If you work regular hours that pass midnight, we would recommend the Evening permit which would allow you access to the North Street Garage and other garages overnight.

Similar to regular garage permits, the Occasional Permit may be limited due to garage capacity, and this permit type may be subject to a waitlist if the need arises.