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IUPUI Riverwalk Parking Garage

Deparments providing guest parking for a meeting or event can use codes instead of validation tickets. Codes are an easy way for guests to enter and exit a parking garage.

Additional information for departments

What is a code?

A code is a multi-digit number assigned to departments as a convenient way for them to pay for their visitor parking on campus. Most of our visitor garages have key pads at the entry and/or exit where a code can be entered. Codes can be set to be valid for individual or multiple days depending on the department’s preference.

The charge for each use of the code at garage exit is set at a flat rate, regardless of the amount of time the visitor is in the garage. Please contact for information on code rates.

NOTE: Codes should be treated as though they are cash. Departments are responsible for safeguarding their codes and should take steps to ensure they are only given out to the intended users. If you suspect misuse of a code, please contact to deactivate the code immediately. Your account will be charged every time the code is utilized, even if used by unintended parties.

Using Codes

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are unable to provide the multi-digit codes in advance to your guests' arrival, instruct them to pull an entry ticket to enter the garage. If possible, collect the garage entry ticket from the guest and provide them with the multi-digit code to use at the exit gate. If a guest inserts their entry ticket and then tries to utilize a code, the code will not work. In this case, hit the cancel button, remove the entry ticket and then enter the code followed by the # key.

For more information on obtaining parking codes for a meeting or event, please contact

Setting up a new code

Departments requesting a code will need to complete the Code Order Form . Once the form is processed, a unique multi-digit code will be assigned to your department for the meeting or event. Please provide 3 business days advance notice when requesting a new code.*
Internal departments will need an IU account number to process the code request. The Fiscal Officer or a delegate representing the account number will need to sign the form.

*A $75 rush fee may be applied for any requests made less than 3 business days in advance.

How to use a code

  • Prior to your guest's visit, email the multi-digit code to the intended guests.

  • Upon arrival the guest should enter the multi-digit code on the key pad and press the # key.

  • At the exit gate, input the multi-digit code on the key pad and press the # key.

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