Special Event Parking Options

Race for Cure

A variety of options are available for special events on the IUPUI campus. Event organizers who anticipate an event parking need for 25+ vehicles may request the option that best suits their event needs.

If you have questions or would like to chat about your options, please contact Alan Tucker by email at actucker@iupui.edu or by phone at 317 278-3713.

Special Event Permits

Special event permits may be purchased in advance by event organizers and assigned to any surface lot or garage.

  • $7 per permit
  • Allows organizer to pay for attendee parking in advance

  • Unused permits may be returned for a refund minus $.40 per permit

Parking Codes

Codes allow internal departments to pay for guests attending events on campus.

  • $7 per use
  • A code is a 5 digit number to be used at entry and exit of a garage

  • Department accounts are charged for each code utilization

Pay on Entry

Pay on entry (POE) allows event organizers to direct attendees to self paid garage options

  • $7 per entry
  • Atendees pay via credit card and must exit garage before midnight

  • Available to be utilized at Sports or Barnhill Garages

Reserve a Surface Lot

This option allows event organizers to pay for attendee parking in advance

  • Payment due in advance

  • To see if you meet qualifications to reserve a lot, please contact Alan Tucker by email at actucker@iupui.edu or by phone at 317 278-3713.

Visitor Parking

Event Organizers can direct guests to visitor garages and allow event attendees to self pay.


Validations provide a convenient tool for IUPUI and IU Health departments to pay for guest parking on campus.

  • If you purchase permits, codes or validations please keep them secure. You are responsible for any fees associated with the use of these payment options.
  • All vehicles parked on a surface lot must possess a valid permit. If you do not have a valid permit, you must park at one of our visitor garages and pay visitor rates.
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