March 2017 Events

Speedo Champions Series

The 2017 Speedo Champions Series will take place from Wednesday, March 29th through Sunday, April 2nd at the IUPUI Natatorium.

IUPUI Parking & Transportation Services is pleased to offer a special event parking rate of $6 per entry for this event. The official parking locations for this event are listed below:

Official Parking Locations

Sports Garage (2nd and 3rd entrance)

Method of Payment

Credit Card Only

Attendees are encouraged to park at the official parking location above. Vehicles parked outside of the official parking locations must display a valid permit or pay visitor rates. All vehicles parked on the IUPUI campus must be parked in accordance with IUPUI Rules and Regulations. We don’t like to ticket but it does guarantee the safety of our community and ensures maximum utilization of our limited parking spaces!

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