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If your department provide services across campus, hires outside companies, or has volunteers that need parking on campus, we have permit solutions available to provide your department, vendors, and volunteers with parking.

Additional information for departments

Department Permits

Email requests for Service, Vendor and Volunteer parking permits to Please include in the email an explanation of the services the individual or company will be providing to campus and a completed permit and service order form.

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Service Permit

Departments have the ability to purchase Service permits on behalf of their employees who have duties requiring them to work across campus.

  • $27.54 per month
  • Service permits are charged to department's university account and assigned to the department, not the individual.

  • Employees using a Service permit will still need to purchase an Employee permit. Both the Service and the Employee permit must be displayed in the vehicle.

  • Service permits are valid in:

    • EM, ST, NC and SV (2 hour limit) surface lot spaces

    • All garages (not valid in reserved or disabled spaces)

Vendor Permit

Departments who have vendors coming to campus to perform service on a regular basis may purchase a vendor permit.

  • $111.92 per month
  • Fees are due at time of permit issuance and can be paid by either the department or the vendor.

  • No more than 2 Vendor permits will be issued per company.

  • Vendor permits are valid in:

    • EM, ST, NC and SV (2 hour limit) surface lot spaces

    • All garages (not valid in reserved or disabled spaces)

Volunteer Permit

Permits are available for individuals performing volunteer work for the University.

  • $13.50 per month
  • Permit fees may be charged to departmental university account.

  • Applicants cannot have any other affiliation with the University.

  • Volunteer permits are valid in EM, ST, and NC surface lot spaces.

Paid Visitor Parking

Validation Tickets

Validations provide a convenient tool for IUPUI and IU Health departments to pay for their guest’s parking while visiting campus. Validations can be used in all IUPUI Visitor Garages.

Department Codes

A parking code is a multi-digit number assigned to departments as a convenient way for them to pay for their visitor parking on campus. Codes allow guests to easily enter and exit garages.

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