Disabled Permit

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Any member of the IUPUI community with the appropriate paperwork on file is eligible to purchase a Disabled parking permit. Permits may be purchased monthly, by semester, or annually, and rates are the same as the ST permit for Students and the EM permit for Employees.

Students and employees may be eligible for additional services through IUPUI. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Adaptive Educational Services and employees are encouraged to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Permit Information and Requirements

Documentation for a D permit must be submitted prior to purchase.


IUPUI Disabled "D" permits may be issued on a short-term basis.

  • A three day D permit will be provided to allow time to obtain documentation.

  • With written documentation from a physician, a D permit can be sold for up to sixty days.

    Note: The sixty days starts from the date of the medical note.

  • Any request for a D permit beyond sixty days requires BMV documentation.


Students and employees who have BMV authorization for accessible parking may purchase an IUPUI Disabled ā€œDā€ permit.

  • If issued a license plate: Provide a copy of vehicle registration. Customer and vehicle owner names must match.

  • If issued a state placard: Bring in placard and BMV receipt showing matching customer and vehicle owner names.

    Note: If you need to obtain a duplicate receipt, file a request with the BMV. The BMV may charge a fee for documentation requests.

D Permits are valid in the following locations:

  • EM, ST, and NC spaces

  • IUPUI Disabled spaces

  • IUPUI Disabled meters
    Meter fees still apply.

  • All garages

Office Hours

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Thursday - Friday
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