Eligibility: Disabled permits may be purchased by anyone in the IUPUI community after providing the appropriate documentation

Sales Dates:

Employee Annual: June 1st

Student Annual / Fall: August 1st

Spring: December 1st

Summer: May 1st

For more information about permit rates and sales dates, please click here.

Term: May be purchased monthly, by semester, or annually

Price: Student rate is same as an ST permit. Employee rate is same as an EM permit.

To obtain a "D" permit, employees and students must provide documentation prior to purchase. Please bring one of the following to our office:

Receipts for state issued placards may be obtained from the BMV at the time of purchase. If you do not have your receipt, you may obtain a duplicate by filing a request with the State of Indiana.

Please note: The Indiana BMV may charge a fee for documentation requests.

Short-term “D” permits are available. A three (3) day temporary “D” permit may be issued at no charge before visiting a physician. Upon written documentation from a physician, a temporary “D” permit may be issued for no more than 60-days from the date of the physician documentation. All requests for more than 60-days require a state placard to be issued by the BMV.

Students and employees are also encouraged to visit the Office of Adaptive Educational Services to learn more about additional services IUPUI has to offer.

Disabled permits are valid in the following locations:

EM Spaces

ST Spaces

IUPUI Disabled Spaces

Disabled Meters (must feed meter)

NC Spaces

All Garages

Click here for an ADA campus map

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