Registering Your Bike

A bicycle can be a major investment. You can help protect it by registering it with IUPUI Parking and Transportation Services.

Registering your bicycle is easy and free. You will receive a lifetime IUPUI Bike Permit and access to park in the indoor Tower Garage Bike Storage facility. A permit serves as a visible theft deterrent and may help in recovering it if lost or stolen.

Register your bike

Permit Placement

Affix your bicycle permit to the frame or front fender of the bicycle. Do not use tape, magnets, string or other materials to attach the permit.

Bicycles in motion at Little 500
Campus bike lane
Students outside of Campus Center on bikes

3 bicycle repair stations

109 bike racks across campus

Bicycle Storage

When registering your bike you can also request access to our indoor bike storage facility located in the Tower Garage.

After entering the garage, follow the directional signage to the bicycle storage facility in the southeast corner.

Tower Garage

875 W North St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Bicycle Parking Regulations

There are over 100 bike racks around campus. Be sure to always park your bicycle in a fixed bike rack or other parking facility designated for bicycles.

Contact our office at if you have questions about bike parking.

Key Regulations

  • Park bicycles at designated bike parking locations or at a bike rack
  • Do not leave bikes parked or resting on grass surfaces
  • Do not block: ADA access, sidewalk, street, trail, path, ramp or other routes of pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Do not lock bicycles to trees, light poles, fences, benches, handrails or other fixtures
  • Bicycles found causing a safety hazard may be immediately removed and impounded
  • Abandoned or improperly parked bicycles are subject to confiscation

Bike Removal & Recovery

If you are having issues locating your bicycle, contact us at 317-274-4232.

Bicycles parked illegally, appearing abandoned, or are causing a safety hazard may be removed at your expense. We will attempt to contact the owners of registered bicycles before removal. A warning sticker will be placed on bikes prior to confiscation.
Illegally parked or abandoned bicycles that do not cause a safety concern will be removed 72 hours after notification. It is lawful for the university to remove locking devices in order to impound a bicycle. IUPUI is not responsible for damage to locking devices and/or bicycles that require removal.
Note: Impounded bicycles left unclaimed for 60 days will be sent to IUPUI Surplus for public auction.

Contact IUPD at 317-274-2058 if your bike has been stolen or vandalized.

Bicycle & Road Safety

Bicycles are a vehicle. It is your responsibility to learn and obey the rules that apply to you as a cyclist.

  • Always ride with the flow of traffic, and never on sidewalks or other pedestrian walkways, on grass or non-paved areas, or in university buildings
  • Wear a helmet
  • Dress in bright colored or reflective clothing
  • Yield to vehicles and pedestrians
  • Obey traffic laws and signals
  • Be heard - use a horn or bell
  • Use hand signals and look before turning

Disclaimer: These tips are offered for your consideration only. You are responsible for conducting your own research on how to bike safely.

Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Thursday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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