We’re proud to partner with the IUPUI Office of Sustainability to make our planet a betterplace to live. Our efforts help save money, reduce traffic congestion and provide cleaner airto breathe. Here are eightways we’re working together to make transportation on campus more environmentally friendly.

Motorized Scooters

Scooters are growing in popularity and are quickly becoming a means of getting to and around campus. They are environmentally friendly and provide another great alternative to driving a vehicle, and they are fun to ride. And like walking, they let you spend your commute outside. Be sure to read the rules of the road and how to stay safe.


There are over 100 racks located around campus and you can register your bike for free as part of Bike IUPUI. If you don’t have one, Pacers Bikeshare has many stations all over campus with rentals.


Virtually everything on our campus is just a pleasant walk away. Plus, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, many of our buildings are connected by walkways to keep you dry.


Being in a carpool is a great step to being sustainable. Commuter Connect can match you with others from your area to put one together. And, in the event of an emergency, they can run you home or back to your car at no charge.

Campus Commute

Need to travel between IU Bloomington and IUPUI? IU and Go Express Travel are pleased to provide Campus Commute, which departs from each campus four times a day Monday through Friday.

IndyGo Bus

IndyGo has bus lines all over the city to bring you to campus or take you where you want to be in Indianapolis. They pick up and drop off on Michigan Street in the heart of the campus.


There are multiple carsharing programs on and near campus. Zipcar has cars in the parking lot south of Campus Center that are great for getting around town and back. Blue Indy gives you the ability to take one or two way trips around Indianapolis. Their vehicles are available on University Boulevard near Lecture Hall.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Charge your electric car at the stations powered by Blue Indy that are found on University Boulevard near the Campus Center.

Campus Shuttles

No matter where you are or where you need to go on campus, there's a shuttle route that can take you there. Download the Jagline App through your mobile app store to see routes and track your shuttle.

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