Start of School

Fall Semester 2019

The beginning of the fall semester is the busiest time of year!  To help you plan ahead we have put together information about permit options, our improved shuttle service, and vehicle assistance.  Check out the Parking Tips below to start your semester out right!

JagLine Shuttle System

Ride the JagLine Shuttle! Park once, shuttle all day. JagLine can get you to your classes, meetings and appointments without moving your car.

We offer 6 routes all designed with you in mind. The shuttle operates Monday-Friday, year round, except for on university holidays.

Never miss the bus! Download the the JagLine app to track shuttles in real-time and set alerts to be notified when the shuttle is approaching

Parking Tips

  • TIP 1 Save time and money this semester and choose the North Campus NCS permit!  With more shuttles running every 10-15 minutes, parking on the North Campus is convenient and easy. 
  • TIP 2 ST permit holders have the option of parking in 6 garages. Gateway Garage tends to fill last during the first few weeks of classes.  Head there first!
  • TIP 3 Use the Jag Spots app to see available parking in ST student permit garages. Download the IU Mobile app and favorite Jag Spots today.
  • TIP 4 Get in and out of garages faster by scanning your permit’s barcode next to the number pad!

J.A.G. Services - Vehicle Assistance



We are available to assist you with your vehicle needs while parked in an IUPUI parking facility. J.A.G. Services are free to members of the IUPUI community.       

Call 317-274-4232

Services available Monday – Friday 8 am – 10 am (except campus holidays).