Employee Parking Permits

Employee parking permits are available for purchase. If you have a multiyear permit no further action is required. Your permit is valid until 2024. If you ordered a single-year permit last year, it's time to renew. For your convenience, we highly encourage you to order online. Please ensure mailing addresses are up to date to avoid delays in delivery.

You will receive an email confirmation with a link to print a temporary permit right away and your new permit should arrive via USPS within 7-10 business days.  

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If your permit looks like this, no action is required on your part.
If your permit looks like this, your permit will expire on June 30 and needs to be renewed.

Permit Pricing and Refunds


IUPUI employee parking permit rates are on a tiered rate structure based on employee salary. 

Regardless of which permit you choose, you may return it at any time for a prorated refund. 

Refund Policy


LPR Technology at IUPUI

IUPUI utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, a virtual permit system that allows you to use your license plate as your parking permit in the future. Currently, you still must display your permit at all times.  

When purchasing your permit, it is vital that you correctly input your vehicle and license plate information. Please double-check!