Spring Semester 2020


The spring semester is quickly approaching and we can help you get ready for classes. Learn how to stay warm on the way to class by riding the JAGLINE, get parking tips, and find out about our complimentary services.

Permits Available Now



Don’t get left out in the cold!

Order your permit online before classes start.


Save Your Spot!

Be sure to renew your CH, TGS or BGS permit before classes begin.

500+More than 500 parking spaces

5Five different parking lots

2Served by two shuttle lines

Ride the JAGLINE!

The JAGLINE shuttle operates year round except for university holidays. Weekend service is available on Route 1 - Crimson Circulator. 

Never miss the bus! Download the JAGLINE app to track shuttles in real-time and set alerts to be notified when the shuttle is approaching.


Parking Tips

  • Gates will be down in all student garages. Make sure you have your permit!
  • There are 6 ST permit garages. Head to Gateway and Riverwalk first to find a spot. 
  • Use the Jag Spots app to see available parking in ST student permit garages. Download the IU Mobile app and favorite Jag Spots today.
  • Get in and out of garages faster by scanning your permit’s barcode next to the number pad!